Glistenings do exist. But not for enVista®

Quality of Vision

  •  Pre-hydrated (0.9 % saline solution) to equilibrium to prevent glistening formation
  • No glistenings detected at any time in a 2-year prospective study1,2
  • Abrasion resistance is increased due to improved surface durability 3

Designed to Minimise PCO

  • Step-vaulted haptics
  • 360° posterior square edge4

Advanced Ease of Use

  • Safe, simple, reliable insertion through a 2.2 mm incision
  • Easy positioning in the capsular bag by controlled unfolding

* Constants are estimates only. It is recommended that each surgeon develops their own values. Latest update: August 2016 

1. enVista® Directions for Use.

2. Tetz MR, Werner L, Schwahn-Bendig S, Batlle JF. A prospective clinical study to quantify glistenings in a new hydrophobic acrylic IOL. Paper presented at: American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Symposium & Congress; April 3-8, 2009; San Francisco, CA.

3. Mentak K, Martin P, Elachchabi A, Goldberg EP. Nanoindentation studies on hydrophobic acrylic IOLs to evaluate surface mechanical properties. Paper presented at: XXV Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery; September 8-12, 2007; Stockholm, Sweden.

4. Nishi O, Nishi K, Osakabe Y. E ect of intraocular lenses on preventing posterior capsule opacification: design versus material. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2004;30(10):2170-2176.

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product information


  • Glistening-Free Hydrophobic Acrylic
  • 4 % water content
  • UV-blocker
  • Refractive index: 1.54


  • Monofocal Aberration-Free Aspheric Optic
  • Step-vaulted haptics; Modifi ed C-loop haptics
  • 360° posterior square edge
  • Fenestrated haptics
  • Optic diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Overall diameter: 12.5 mm


  • 0.0 D to +10.0 D in 1.0 D increments
  • +10.0 D to +30.0 D in 0.5 D increments
  • +30.0 D to +34.0 D in 1.0 D increments


  • Reusable BLIS-R1; with single-use cartridge BLIS-X1 from +10.0 D to +34.0 D (10/box); Recommended incision size: 2.2 mm WAT
  • INJ100 (10/box); Recommended incision size: 2.2 mm WAT


  • Immersion A-Scan and IOL Master: A-Constant SRK/T: 119.1; ACD: 5.61; Surgeon Factor: 1.85; Haigis Constant: a0: 1.46 / a1: 0.40 / a2: 0.10
  • Applanation A-Scan: A-Constant: 118.7; ACD: 5.37; Surgeon Factor: 1.62

* Constants are estimates only. It is recommended that each surgeon develops their own values. Latest update: August 2016


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